Angostura Cocktail Bitters Maryville TN

November 15, 2023
Angostura Cocktail Bitters Maryville TN


If cocktails are an intriguing world of flavors to you, then you’re likely familiar with the magic of Angostura Bitters. Named after the town of Angostura in Venezuela (now Ciudad Bolívar), this iconic elixir has been gracing our cocktails with its unique flavor since the 1820s. Read on: Angostura Cocktail Bitters Maryville TN…

Bitter History

Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, a Surgeon-General in Simón Bolívar’s army, initially developed Angostura Bitters as a medical tonic for soldiers. Siegert’s concoction was intended to alleviate stomach ailments, but it wasn’t long before its distinctive flavor found its way into the world of mixology.


Angostura Bitters is known for its unparalleled blend of botanicals and spices, making it a backbone of classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and even the non-alcoholic Lemon Lime Bitters. But its use isn’t limited to cocktails alone. A few drops can also enhance savory dishes, marinades, and desserts, adding a unique depth of flavor.

Bitters and Beyond

Beyond Angostura, the world of cocktail bitters is diverse and endlessly fascinating, with a multitude of types and flavors to discover. Bitters, at their core, are high-proof spirits infused with various botanicals, roots, and spices. Today, many companies have ventured into producing their own unique concoctions. For instance, Peychaud’s, another household name, is known for its bright anise and cranberry flavors that make it indispensable in a Sazerac cocktail. Orange bitters, with brands like Regan’s and Fee Brothers leading the pack, bring a vibrant citrus note that works exceptionally well in a Martini or a Negroni.

Craft Bitters

There’s even a move towards more exotic, craft bitters. Companies like Bittermens, Scrappy’s, and The Bitter Truth offer a myriad of flavors, from chocolate to celery, allowing adventurous mixologists to experiment with their cocktail creations. With each new flavor profile, these bitters open up a world of possibilities, providing depth and complexity to both classic and innovative cocktails.

The Wine and Spirits Cellar

Now that you know the rich history and diverse uses of Angostura Bitters, it’s time to add this little bottle of magic to your own cabinet. The Wine and Spirits Cellar in Maryville, TN, is your best local source for Angostura Bitters. Visit us to purchase this indispensable cocktail ingredient and elevate your homemade cocktails to new heights.