Cocktails for Thanksgiving Dinner

October 31, 2021

Cocktails for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Our team has years of dedicated experience helping guests find the right beverage for the right occasion. Come visit us today and grab all your holiday festivity needs!

Earl Grey–Bourbon Punch

“The bourbon punch—made with tea, honey, orange bitters, and thyme—that all of your Thanksgiving guests will love. Even your grandma.” Get the recipe here.

Applejack Sour

“This is exactly what we want to drink when fall rolls around—an apple brandy cocktail with citrus, maple, and baking spice notes.” Get the recipe here.

Ginger Spritz

“Ginger beer and bubbly cava were meant to be together in this fizzy, festive, refreshing fall cocktail. Serve it up as a fun, bubbly cocktail to serve up to guests before Thanksgiving dinner.” Get the recipe here.

Martini Bar

“Because you don’t individually stir these ‘tinis for a crowd (one less thing to fret over before Thanksgiving dinner), water is added to aid in the dilution you’d normally get from ice. You can thank us later.” Get the recipe here.

Bourbon Fruit Tea Punch

“This fruity big-batch punch will start any dinner party off on the right foot, but orange, tea, and bourbon make for an especially fall-forward combo—ideal for a Thanksgiving crowd.” Get the recipe here.

Mulled Wine

“Cardamom, cinnamon, citrus, and fresh apple cider mingle in a heady combination that instantly improves any cold winter day.” Get the recipe here.

Apple Cider and Rum Punch

“Think of this as a house punch that’s a snap to make and relatively low in alcohol. Hard ciders can range from bone-dry to rather sweet, so take a sip and adjust the simple syrup if needed.” Get the recipe here.

Cold Toddy

“We took down the temperature of a classic hot toddy for a refreshing, party-ready spin on the wintery cocktail, perfect for a pre (or post) Thanksgiving sipper.” Get the recipe here.