Coors Seltzer

September 17, 2020

Coors Seltzer – They are finally here at The Wine and Spirits Cellar! Come in today and grab a 12 pack Variety pack for only $17.99!!

Coors Seltzer

We launched Coors Seltzer with a mission to restore America’s rivers. We wanted to create a simple way to enjoy good times and give back at the same time. For each 12-pack of our seltzers your buy, it helps us restore 500 gallons of fresh water to our rivers*. We do this by partnering with Change the Course to protect and restore the waterways. Those provide clean water to wildlife and millions of people in communities across the country. Coors Seltzer is available in four refreshing flavors. Black Cherry, Mango, Lemon Lime, and Grapefruit. When you drink our Seltzers, you help save a river.

Our Mission

Our partnership with CHANGE THE COURSE will support several water restoration projects across the country. They help sustain healthy, flowing rivers. For each 12-pack of Coors Seltzer sold, we commit to restoring 500 GALLONS OF CLEAN WATER to America’s rivers*. We estimate that we will support projects that will restore one billion gallons of river water in the next year alone.
Learn more about our river projects HERE.
CHANGE THE COURSE is a non-profit, national organization that brings together corporations, conservation organizations, and the public to raise awareness about freshwater, reduce water footprints and ensure clean and reliable water for rivers, commerce, and communities.

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