Delicious Christmas Cocktails

December 5, 2022

Delicious Christmas Cocktails

The Wine and Spirits Cellar

Don’t let the dreary cold weather put you in a seasonal slump. Instead, lift your spirits with a crackling fire and festive winter drink. Are you cooking up a holiday dinner? Curling up on the couch for a night of Christmas movies and popcorn? These winter cocktails are the perfect pairing for your comfort food recipes or any cold-weather occasion. Find ideas for Christmas cocktails, New Year’s Eve drinks, and easy cocktail recipes that’ll have you feeling warm and cozy in no time.
If you’re a fan of sweet holiday flavors, there are plenty of options featuring peppermint, eggnog, and maple syrup. Not to mention, you can make use of seasonal fruits like winter citrus, cranberries, and apples. Try the winter sangria that’s perfect for serving a crowd or the pomegranate sparkler. It will make even the coldest nights feel merry and bright. You’ll also find tons of warm cocktail recipes. Recipes like mulled apple cider or bourbon hot chocolate. These are best served in mugs after a day on the ski slopes—or after shoveling the driveway! Whether you prefer vodka, tequila, or bourbon-based drinks, this list of easy winter cocktails has them all. And if you’re looking for something the kids can enjoy, try a non-alcoholic Christmas drink that’s full of holiday cheer.


This homemade eggnog recipe calls for both rum and brandy, but you can also leave the alcohol out altogether if you want a family-friendly version.

Cranberry Thyme Gin and Tonic

Make this bright, tart, and sweet gin and tonic when fresh cranberries are in season. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the holidays.

Classic Martini

You’ll feel extra glamorous sipping on a classic martini, even if you’re just staying home to binge-watch Christmas movies. Try adding a garnish of your favorite type of olives or go a step further with cheese-stuffed olives.

Irish Coffee

This creamy, boozy, coffee-based drink isn’t just for Saint Patrick’s Day—you can make it all winter long! It’s especially delicious when it’s cold and snowy outside.

Dulce de Leche Coffee

This is not your average mug of coffee—it’s sweetened with dulce de leche, spiked with Kahlua, then topped with a pile of whipped cream. It doesn’t get any cozier than that!

Vanilla-Pear Holiday Punch

This smooth, spiced tequila-based drink is perfect for the holidays. You can prepare the whole thing in a pitcher or punch bowl and let your guests help themselves.