Easy Bailey’s Cocktails

January 10, 2022

Easy Bailey’s Cocktails

The Wine and Spirits Cellar

Creamy, smooth, and very decadent, these Baileys cocktails are just the thing if you need a little happiness into your life. The Wine and Spirits has you covered. Come stock up, and then mix up something delicious for just you, or a group of friends.

Baileys Martini

This isn’t a martini, it’s a dreamy sundae in a glass.

Vodka, Baileys, and creme de cocoa, shaken together and poured into a tall glass. Then comes the good part.

Finish off this irresistible treat by drizzling thick chocolate sauce topping with fluffy clouds of whipped cream. Also, dust everything with chocolate sprinkles – perfection!

Baileys White Russian

I like to make this classic cocktail with an Irish twist on St Patrick’s Day.

Whatever the occasion, you’ll fall in love with the flavor combination of creamy Baileys, dark espresso, vodka, and caramel spirit.

If you want to sweeten things up a little more, decorate the glass with caramel syrup and top with crushed cookie crumbs.

Baileys Irish Coffee

The perfect after-supper treat, this boozy coffee will round off your meal nicely.

It’s made with freshly brewed dark coffee, brown sugar, and Baileys.

No Irish coffee is complete without a tower of whipped cream on top, of course, and don’t forget the cinnamon sprinkles!

Baileys Hot Chocolate

Ready in 5 minutes, this gorgeously rich hot chocolate is just the thing when neighbors drop by on chilly evenings.

It’s made with real chocolate, giving it delicious depth and intense flavor.

And you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now – milk, chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar, and Baileys.

Simply whisk everything together over a low heat until it turns warm, frothy, and utterly magical.

Baileys Jell-O Shots

Jell-O shots aren’t just for college parties. These sophisticated Baileys shots are a fun and elegant way to liven up your next party.

They’re made by layering espresso with Baileys to form a two-toned square.

Decorate them with a swirl of whipped cream and finish with chocolate sprinkles for a cocktail that looks (and tastes!) like dessert.