Free Tasting and Bottle Signing

October 6, 2022

Free Tasting and Bottle Signing

The Wine and Spirits Cellar

Friday October 7th, Join us for a FREE tasting and bottle signing by Jeff Arnett. Jeff is a former distiller for Jack Daniels. He will be here at The Wine and Spirits Cellar from 3p-6p signing bottles of Company Distilling’s Whiskey.

Company Distilling Whiskey

Complex and smooth, column and pot stilled, our wheated bourbon opens with sweet notes of caramel and cinnamon toast paired with green apple. It finishes with a silky blend of oak and maple. A spirit well worth gathering over.

About Jeff Arnett

Whiskey is one of those things that takes time and patience to make. Every step in the creation process is a moment for nuance. So, too, enhance the drinking experience the company you keep. That’s the driving idea behind Company Distilling. We believe good whiskey is to be shared among friends. Whiskey is good, but the people around you make it better. At Company, we know people are important. And our people are at the heart of our whiskey. So grab a glass and let us tell you about the company we keep…like our Master Distiller Jeff Arnett.

Jeff began honing his sensory skills at Procter & Gamble where he was responsible for maintaining the high standards and quality of brand name products like Folgers Coffee and Pringles. The leap from coffee and snacks to whiskey sipping isn’t as big as you’d think. After all, there’s nuance in quality control, with the same elements of an advanced palate and an ongoing scientific approach running throughout the process.

Along his journey, as a proud Tennessean and longtime whiskey lover, Jeff became a member of the Tennessee Squires Association. Squires are the biggest Jack Daniels fans out there. They’re true friends of the brand and know all the complexities and ins-and-outs of the Jack Daniel’s product portfolio. Membership status can only be achieved by way of a recommendation from another Squire. Thus beginning a tradition of keeping good company that would span well into new phases of Jeff’s life and career.

Jack Daniels

It was through a headhunter and fellow Squire that landed Jeff a position at Jack Daniels in 2001 where he became the distillery’s quality control manager. After about seven years, the master distiller at the time—Jimmy Bedford—retired and the job was offered to Jeff making him the first master distiller ever to not come from Lynchburg (though he proudly hails from Tennessee).

After adding eight new products to the Jack Daniel’s portfolio from 2010 to 2020, Jeff started thinking about how to build his own brand and the legacy he would leave behind for the industry. As the wheels of innovation turned within, Jeff became the first master distiller to leave Jack Daniels without passing on or retiring. He set out on a new chapter, one that would be finished in maple and steeped in friendship.

And thus, Company Distilling took root. As Jeff says, “This is the kind of whiskey you don’t have to save for a special occasion – you can if you want to – but it has the kind of drinkability and price point that allow it to be your go-to. I like to refer to it as ‘Approachable Complexity.’”