Hard Seltzer Cocktails

August 24, 2021

Hard Seltzer Cocktails

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Check out some of these cocktail ideas that will turn up any hard seltzers.

Mix With Juice

Blood Orange Truly with orange juice or a Black Cherry Rosemary BON&VIV with some cherry juice is an easy way to up your seltzer game. It’ll also keep you from knocking back your hard seltzer like it’s (non-alcoholic) water.

Add Fresh Fruit

Add a lemon or lime to White Claw Pure, the hard seltzer equivalent to a vodka soda, for a little extra pizzaz. Pair your Grapefruit Truly with a squeeze of actual grapefruit. You know what makes everything look better? Fresh strawberries. Add a few of those bad boys into a glass with your spiked seltzer of choice.

Try A Hard Seltzer & Gin Rickey

A gin rickey is like a less sweet gin and tonic that’s typically made with gin, soda water, and lime. Just sub in a lime hard seltzer for the soda water, add honey or sugar if you want some more sweetness, and enjoy!

Make A Hard Lemonade Or Limeade

In January 2020, Truly dropped a new line of hard lemonade. Make your own hard lemonade by mixing a lemon Truly with some lemonade. You could even make a hard cherry limeade by adding cherry hard seltzer to your limeade of choice.

Add It To A Margarita

Mix up a makeshift margarita with lime hard seltzer, tequila, lime, and agave. Add some salt or sugar to the rim of your glass and you’re good to go!