Kahlua Cocktail Recipes

February 17, 2022

Kahlua Cocktail Recipes

Popular Kahlua Drinks

Got a bottle of Kahlua? You’re one step away from some of the tastiest sweet cocktails around. Invented in Mexico, this coffee flavored liqueur spawned some of the most classic cocktails of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The White Russian? The Mudslide? All classic cocktails brought to you with the magic of Kahlua.

Here are all the top most popular Kahlua drinks to make with this tasty liqueur! There’s everything from a classic Black Russian to a frosty boozy milkshake and a sophisticated coffee martini. Where there is Kahlua, there is fun! Let’s get to the drinks.

Spanish Coffee

Have you tried the revelation that is Spanish coffee? The name is a bit of a misnomer. It’s actually an American spin on the Spanish concept of carajillo: spiked coffee. But this drink is extra-special. It’s got a caramelized sugar rim and has Kahlua, rum, and orange liqueur. Top with hand-whipped fluffy whipped cream! The burnt caramel, citrus, bitter coffee and sweet cream all combine into a symphony of flavor.

Coffee Martini

Calling all coffee lovers! Here’s the caffeinated coffee cocktail for you: the Coffee Martini! It’s smooth, frothy and creamy: and the best part? A crunchy coffee bean rim. Watch out: these go down easy! Each sip is a burst of flavor, pairing bitter coffee with sweet vanilla, creamy chocolate and the fruity finish of Irish whiskey.

Colorado Bulldog

Here’s a sweet, sippable cocktail that goes down easy: the Colorado Bulldog! The name shrouds this drink in mystery, but it’s a White Russian all dolled up with a splash of cola. Serve it over crushed ice with a cherry and a straw, and it’s a whole new drink! It’s more like a root beer float than a cocktail! There’s not a lot known about the history behind this tasty concoction: but we’re here for it.

Mind Eraser

Here’s a 1980’s cocktail with a name that makes it sound deceptively potent: the Mind Eraser! This it’s a bubbly and refreshing coffee cocktail, layered in a glass. Essentially a fizzy Black Russian, it’s also low alcohol for a cocktail. For all its bravado, it’s not about to erase your mind…unless you drink several of these, which we find impossible given the high sugar content. This 1980’s charmer is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re a Kahlua lover.

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