La Rioja: Spain’s top wine region

October 1, 2019

Spain’s most internationally famous wine region. Known for creating top quality wines with exceptional aging ability. It lies in northern Spain, by the side of the River Ebro from which the region’s name derived. Elegance and poise is the hallmark of the wines shaped in this ancient region. The variety of its soils, together with the combination of modern and traditional growing practices. This allows winemakers to produce a wide range of wines. They exhibit different personalities. Always within the framework that their long-established Qualified Denominación de Origen demands from them.

Pagos del Rey La Rioja winery by Felix Solis

One of the largest in the region is Pagos del Rey La Rioja winery by Felix Solis, opened in 2006. It is located next to an ancient river bed and from it you enjoy views of the mountains in Rioja Alavesa. It combines tradition with modern architecture. Huge chimneys and steel covers resemble a vessel that dominates the landscape. A fir-wood baseboard embellishes the barrel cellar.

The statue of a lady harvester carrying a basket of grapes on her head stands proudly at the entrance of the Pagos del Rey winery. This statue is a symbol of the long lasting wine making tradition in the region.

The Solis family is associated to more than 1,000 family-owned vine growers that cover around 3,500 hectares across La Rioja.

This winery combines tradition with modernity. This is to create excellent red wines typical of Rioja. With a privileged position in Fuenmayor also allows them to reach different vineyards. Also, to take advantage of the different ripening cycles and grape varieties in the regions to elaborate their excellent wines. For instance, like their Albani Red Wine, which you can find at Wine and Spirits Cellar.

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