Pool Party Cocktails

June 28, 2021

Pool Party Cocktails

The Wine and Spirits Cellar

It’s FINALLY summer time. Time for party with friends and long days at the pool. Come by the Wine and Spirits cellar and shop all your favorite beers, wines, liquors, and mixes! We will see you soon to get you summer party ready!

Classic Daiquiri

The classic daiquiri is one of the easiest drinks there is! The 1920’s style daiquiri is actually not frozen but served in a coupe glass. Rum cocktails are perfect for summer, and this one is simple to make and ultra refreshing!

Mango Margarita

Fruity spins on the margarita are fitting for summer cocktails: as is this mango margarita! This sunny spin on the classic is icy and creamy, with an underlying mango essence. It’s sweet, it’s zingy, and against the bite of the salt: it goes down pretty easy.

Berry Vodka Smash

Here’s a perfect summer vodka cocktail: the vodka smash! Tangy and refreshing, it features muddled blackberries, mint, and lime. It’s sweet tart with a bit of back-end booziness from the vodka, though it’s not too strong. Basically: these go down easy — so beware!

Classic Moscow Mule

Something about a mule screams summer cocktail, doesn’t it? It’s fizzy, it’s tangy, it looks festive, and it goes down easy. What could be better than a classic Moscow mule? With only 3 ingredients and 3 minutes required, it’s perfect to serve for entertaining: or a lazy evening on the patio.

Southside Fizz

Here’s a summer gin cocktail that’s bubbly and refreshing: a Southside fizz! A cousin of the Southside Cocktail, this gin cocktail features bright citrus, herbaceous mint, and fizzy soda water. It’s tart and fizzy: essentially a Tom Collins plus a Mojito!

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