Liquor in Maryville, TN for every Budget

July 10, 2019
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Liquor in Maryville, TN for every Budget.
Britain, like most of the drinking world, is in the midst of a “ginaissance.” In the past five years, the country’s distilleries have doubled, and gin production is up 127 percent. London alone is now home to 24 gin distilleries. This is more than were present in the entire country nine years ago. Of course, gin is also global. Spain’s gin tonic movement is a decade old and shows no sign of stopping. Distillers offer new interpretations of the juniper-infused spirit. But, with different flavor profiles and proofs. To help navigate the category, we compile this guide, with help by a panel of professionals. We sampled more than 50 bottles blind, at room temperature, and whittled it down to these, our 30 favorites. Whether your budget is $20 or $200, here are the best gins available now.


Beefeater is one of the best gins for 2019. You’re familiar with this big, juniper-heavy gin, which is a staple in most bars. At 94 proof, it’s on the stronger side, but, it doesn’t burn when you take a sip. It has an enjoyable mix of pine, black peppercorn, and citrus notes. Average price: $20.


Tanqueray is one of the best gins for 2019. America’s best-selling imported gin has followed the same recipe since the 1800s. A classic London Dry style, it’s juniper-driven, with coriander seed and licorice notes. The brand’s recent “Rangpur” release is also worth seeking out, and delivers a bright, zesty Martini. Average price: $18.


Treaty Oak Waterloo No.9 is one of the best gins for 2019. Texas distiller Treaty Oak offers a craft gin with an accessible price tag. Inhaling this gin’s aromas is like walking through a pine forest. A bold menthol flavor blends with citrus peel, raw fennel, and anise. Pair with dry vermouth for a super-dry, crisp Martini. Average price: $24.

UNDER $50 118 AND 1ST O.R.E 118

118 and 1st O.R.E 118 is one of the best gins for 2019O.R.E. markets itself as the world’s first “raw vegan” gin. This is a process where a Chardonnay-grape-juice base distills below 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a vibrant mix of fruity aromas and fresh flavors of pepper and ginger. There’s a lack of juniper and the usual botanical flavors. So, this one remains on the “experimental but worth trying” side . Average price: $36.


Aviation is one of the best gins for 2019. Juniper takes a back seat in this “New Western Dry Gin.” Instead, citrus fruits, pepper, and spice lead the aromas. A pronounced salinity on the palate makes it taste like a dirty Martini, without the need to add anything to it. Average price: $29.


Barr Hill is one of the best gins for 2019. Caledonia Spirits distills this gin with raw honey. This adds an attractive gold hue to the spirit. The honey is in the gin’s aromas, too. Reminiscent of a refined manuka form. This is rather than something that once inhabited a plastic bear. Barr Hill drinks sweet and peppery on the palate, with a delicious tingle of turmeric. Drink with a delicate tonic, or over ice with soda and lime. Average price: $40.


Big Gin is one of the best gins for 2019. A perfumed mix of aromas, including violets, lemon peel, and Sweethearts. This suggests this gin might be best in a modified Martini, but, on the palate, it’s full-on juniper and pine wood. Do take time to appreciate the contrasting flavors and aromas before mixing. Average price: $31.


Bombay Sapphire is one of the best gins for 2019. One of the youngest “established” gin brands. It still manages to be the second most popular in the world. Its iconic blue bottle is often imitated. The botanical-rich spirit it carries is one of the smoothest-drinking, aromatic gins. Average price: $35.


Brockman’s is one of the best gins for 2019. You may assume the creators of this gin were listening to early ’90s hip hop while devising this recipe. This is because Brockmans smells and tastes like gin and juice — and we love it. Boasting every known tropical fruit in either its aromas and flavors. This is a one-of-a-kind offering ideal for long cocktails. Average price: $36.


Caorunn is one of the best gins for 2019. An aromatic, small-batch Scottish gin. Caorunn is London Dry in style, with notes of juniper, coriander seeds, and lemon on the nose and palate. A full-bodied, strong finish leaves a lasting impression. Average price: $33.


Citadelle is one of the best gins for 2019. It follows Bombay Sapphire’s lead with a bottle that looks like it belongs in a perfumery. The gin has subtle juniper and citrus hints, and a smooth mouthfeel. This is a versatile gin that would work in many cocktails. Try splurging on premium vermouth, and serving in a 50:50 mix. Average price: $25.


Gin Mare is one of the best gins for 2019Founded in 2010, Spanish Gin Mare is now one of the world’s leading brands. It showcases a range of Mediterranean botanical. Botanical including Italian basil, Greek thyme, Turkish rosemary, and Spanish citrus. we love this gin in a dirty Martini. Average price: $40.


Gunpowder Irish Gin is one of the best gins for 2019. Like Citadelle, Gunpowder’s cobalt blue bottle appears Bombay-inspired. There’s a saline character on the nose and a refreshing kiss of citrus on the palate, with a pinch of juniper. Average price: $39


Hendrick’s Orbium is one of the best gins for 2019. We are fans of the cucumber-and-rose-scented original, but, we love this release too much to leave it out. Infused with quinine and wormwood, it is so well balanced, it doesn’t need anything else. Stick it on ice as a sipping gin. or top with club soda (if you must). Average price: $40.


Malfy is one of the best gins for 2019. Hailing from a region more associated with fine winemaking than distilling. This Piedmontese gin is full of citrus fruit character. It pours a refreshing G&T, with sweet lemon peel aromas that coat the mouth like an ice-cold limoncello. Average price: $29.


Neversink is one of the best gins for 2019. Made using an apple base spirit and 11 botanical, the recipe lets herbal, fruity notes shine. The cute label draws you in, but it delivers on its packaging: This is one of the most interesting gins on the market. Average price: $45.


Perry’s Tot is one of the best gins for 2019. Bottled at 57 percent ABV. This gin is for those who enjoy a kick without the rubbing alcohol notes that come with boozy bottles. Aromatic and smooth, try topping with soda and lime for a refreshing long cocktail. Average price: $35.


Nolet’s is one of the best gins for 2019. Infused with peach, rose petal, and raspberries, Nolet’s delivers a flower bomb on the nose and palate. While it tastes a bit like liquid Turkish delight, it’s well balanced, and not like any other gin you’ve tried. Average price: $43.


Plymouth is one of the best gins for 2019. Both a brand and a style of gin, Plymouth is sweeter and earthier than a typical London Dry. There’s also a lot of citrus in this pour. Smooth, with a crisp, full finish, Plymouth is this writer’s go-to Martini gin. (Dry, up, not dirty, with two dashes of orange bitters — in case you’re buying.) Average price: $31.


Roku is one of the best gins for 2019. From Suntory, Roku gin is yuzu-forward, with a peppery spice that fills the mouth. It’s too delicate for most tonics, so enjoy with soda or in a Martini. Roku also gets a six out of five for its bottle design. Average price: $32.


Sipsmith is one of the best gins for 2019. A quintessential London Dry Gin. Sipsmith is peppery and juniper-y, with floral nuances showcasing its quality. It cries out for a craft tonic and would be excellent in most cocktails. Average price: $35.


St. George is one of the best gins for 2019. Unaged rye provides the base spirit for this unusual gin. It is one of three fantastic bottles from St. George Spirits. At first sniff, it’s like recognizing a face at a party, but not remembering where you know the person from. Then it hits you — this is whiskey, without the oak notes and color. This gin is in a category all its own, and lots of fun. Average price: $35.


The Botanist is one of the best gins for 2019. Gin for the “Chef’s Table” generation, the Botanist includes 31 botanicals, 22 of which are hand-picked on the small Scottish Isle of Islay by the world’s only full-time gin forager (talk about job envy!). This a complex, nuanced gin. Sip over ice, or mixed in a simple cocktail with fresh herbs and cucumber. Average price: $39.


Tommyrotter is one of the 30 best gins for every budget. A pot-distilled gin from Buffalo, N.Y. Tommyrotter uses New York grain. Infused with a floral- and spice-heavy list of botanicals. If you’re looking for something classic and juniper-driven, this likely won’t interest you. Tommyrotter is perfect for those interested in a new style from a distiller. Average price: $35.


Dingle is one of the best gins for 2019. Dingle’s aromas are juniper-rich and grassy, while the palate is all about roses and fresh flowers. This characteristic would blend nicely with absinthe in a classic Corpse Reviver #2. Average price: $50.


Four Pillars is one of the best gins for 2019. An Australian gin made from a recipe including key limes, fresh ginger, and turmeric. Four Pillars is full of flavor, with a lasting, ginger-spiced finish. It’s refreshing for a navy strength gin, especially one bottled at 58.8 percent ABV. Average price: $57.


Jaisalmer is one of the best gins for 2019. An Indian craft offering sounds like a novelty, but this spirit exceeds curiosity. Jaisalmer delivers a fragrant citrus nose, and a palate full of fresh herbs. Herbs including basil, rosemary, and sage. Average price: $60.


Monkey 47 is one of the best gins for 2019. The number 47 indicates both the percentage ABV and the number of botanicals used in this spirit. Its piney, woody aromas and complex spiced palate make it an ideal candidate for a Martini. Be sure to pair it with a similarly flavored vermouth. Average price: $80


Nikka Coffey is one of the best gins for 2019. This gin smells like Japanese fruits and tastes like Shishito peppers and rock salt. An excellent Martini gin, this would fare very well with soda and lime as well. Average price: $50.


Anty is one of the best gins for 2019. Want to splurge on something unique? Consider Cambridge Distillery’s “Anty Gin.” The world’s first gin made with insects. Each bottle contains the essence of 62 red wood ants (provides citrus character). Also blended with botanicals like juniper, wildwood avens, and nettles. Average price: $290. Wine and Spirits Cellar 865-983-9330 1781 W Broadway Ave. Maryville, TN 37801Contact us today!