Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

November 3, 2020

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Purists say you should sip great whiskey on its own. Maybe a splash of branch or a hunk of perfectly clear ice, if so inclined. We think whiskey deserves more than a center-stage monologue. It does wonders when paired with fresh ingredients and other fine spirits. We’ve partnered with Proprietors LLC. A team with storied reputation in hospitality who literally wrote the book on craft cocktails. Death & Company: Modern Classic Cocktails. Together, we’re creating a bar and restaurant befitting not just our love of great whiskey. Also, celebrating its rightful place in the world of creative, modern mixology. Never, though, forgetting its rich past. Neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail – we love ’em all.

Bourbon was a revelation. Neglected for decades, undergoing a Renaissance of both quality and vision. The product of Kentucky’s corn and pure, iron-free water. Aged by the region’s hot Summers and cold Winters in barrels hewn from native oak. Bourbon reclaimed its birthright: American to its core, genuinely ours, unlike anything else in the world. I had to be part of it.

Our number of whiskeys has multiplied, and to be able to summon one easily. We have given each expression a proper name. Rest assured that while these whiskeys have new monikers, they are the same distinct offerings you have sipped and savored. Each deliberately distilled from our proprietary cooking process. Also, aged in hand‑selected barrels before we harvest them in small batches to yield a flavor like no other.



Our signature four-grain Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a homage to generations of proud Louisville distillers. Distinct and unorthodox, this expression builds on the legacy of these great bourbon pioneers and sets a new standard for American whiskey.

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