Maryville Local Wineries

December 9, 20180

Maryville Local Wineries

The Wine and Spirits Cellar is a family owned, local business. We are passionate about supporting local businesses in our area. Because of this, the following are two local wineries whose wines we sell in our store.

Cades Cove Cellar

Cades Cove Cellars began with two generations of the Birkholz and Reed families. Jerry Reed is a vintner and winemaker since 1984. His daughter Cameron grew up working in the industry. Along with her law degree, Cameron attended UC Davis. She received her wine-making certification in 2010. Cameron’s brother-in-law John Birkholz has now been working as a cellar master for 12 years. He now is both cellar master and assistant winemaker. John’s father and Cameron’s father-in-law Bill serves as the president of the company. Bill is also involved in public relations within the close-knit community of Townsend. As a result, they have a combined wine-making experience of 80 years.

Stonehaus Winery

In April 1991 the doors open at Stonehaus Winery. Customers continue to experience southern wines at their very best. SW steeps in tradition and history well before they started producing wines there. Their winemaker and visionary is Mr. Fay Wheeler. Many consider Fay to be “the grandfather of Tennessee wine”. He is instrumental in getting the Wine and Grape Act enacted in 1977. This Act permits a winery to open in any county, wet or dry, providing the grapes were grown in Tennessee. The rule then was 100% of Tennessee grown, but has since amended to 75%. As a result, in 1979, Fay and his wife Kathy and Mr. Robert R. Ramsey and his wife Belle made Tennessee wine history. They are the owners of this Winery. They started the first licensed winery in Tennessee, which also happened to be in a “dry” county. Because of this, Fay and Kathy operated Highland Manor in Jamestown until 1989.
Come see The Wine and Spirits Cellar and shop these fine wine!

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