Whiskey Tasting Maryville, TN

December 19, 20180

Whiskey Tasting Maryville, TN

Join The Wine and Spirits Center in Maryville, TN for the “Whiskies of the Season” Tasting. It will be held on Friday, December 21st from 430-7:00pm.

Featuring these Iconic Brands

Willet Pot Still Bourbon

Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon is brand of a bourbon whiskey. Because this bourbon produced in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Willett Distillery. As a result, it is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey brand introduced in 2008 and bottled at 47% abv, with 8–10 year aging. Sold in glass 750 ml and 1.75 liter bottles.

Mitchers US1 Small Batch Bourbon

Michter’s US1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon made from a careful selected mash bill. This features the highest quality American corn. It is then matured to the peak of perfection. True “Small batch” means each batch of our US1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon is now batched in a holding tank. It’s sized to fit a max of twenty full barrels. Leaving no margin for “blending out” imperfection. As a result, necessitating excellence from every barrel. Because of this, it is reflecting the spirit of the Bluegrass State. Michter’s US1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon, nuanced, mellow and earthy.

Basil Hayden

Basil Hayden’s is the lightest bodied bourbon whiskey in the family of Jim Beam small batch bourbons. Produced by Beam Suntory. It is 80 proof, in contrast with its three sibling brands of higher alcohol concentration.

Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon

Bird Dog 10 Year Old Bourbon crafted from the most sought-after, hand selected barrels. In the specific barrel selections of this very small batch, depth of character and flavor notes are paramount. Because of this, it is in considerations of age.

Jefferson Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finish

A true distinct, tri-whiskey. This is Kentucky Straight bourbon blend. Finished for a year in ex-Cabernet Sauvignon Chappellet Wine French Oak Casks.

Come see us this weekend at The Wine and Spirits Cellar and taste all of these for yourself! Make sure you stock for the Holidays while you are here as well.

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